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Split Oak Coffee Roasters

Organic Timor Roasted Whole Coffee Beans 12oz - Medium Roast

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The Organic Timor Roasted Coffee Beans by SPLIT OAK COFFEE ROASTERS is always in Small Batches and Hand Roasted.

We are passionate about coffee. Our quest is to provide each customer with a perfectly balanced taste no matter which way they brew it. Quality beans make all the difference. We start by partnering with fair trade farmers from all over the world and select organic, naturally processed beans. Our alliances ensure not just good, but great business practices and benefits for all workers.

Most coffee roasters use gas and can trap harmful chemicals into beans during the process. We proudly roast using a method that is both energy efficient and eliminates the presence of these chemicals. Our fluid bed roaster vacuums out all chaff and smoke to create a clean working environment and 100% clean beans. The result is healthy and mind blowing. Coffee never tasted so fresh, smooth, and delicious!

Try our USDA Organic Organic Timor Roasted Coffee Beans 12oz and experience the difference today!