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Split Oak Coffee Roasters

Organic Mexican Coffee Hand Roasted 12 Oz Whole Bean - Medium Roast

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THE SPLIT OAK COFFEE ROASTERS USDA Organic Mexican Coffee is outstanding characterized by medium acidity, a sweet smooth body and flavor with a hint of fresh roasted hazelnuts. Organic and Medium roasted allowing the true flavor characteristic to come through for a remarkable taste. 

Fresh roasted the immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness. Our lineup includes something for every coffee drinker – single origins, blends, a full range of roast profiles, and a wide variety of organic offerings. With whole bean, ground, and decaf varieties available, it’s easy to enjoy an honest, artful cup of coffee every day.

☕️😍 COFFEE PASSION: A fantastic coffee, ROASTED IN USA with love, for true coffee lovers

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