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Split Oak Coffee Roasters

Medium Roasted Coffee Brazil Cerrado 12 oz Whole Beans with a deep, nutty flavor and hints of almond and cocoa.

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✓PERFECTLY ROASTED, PERFECTLY PACKAGED, AND PERFECTLY DELICIOUS: Treat yourself to the taste of a perfectly roasted, perfectly packed Brazilian coffee. This delicious cafe-style coffee is an indulgent way to start your day.

✓FRESH ROASTED COFFEE: We roast our coffee each and every day to give you the freshness with just the right amount of toast.

✓BRAZIL CERRADO FAIRTRADE: made from 100% arabica beans that were harvested, washed and then chosen by the farmers. We use a gentle roasting process to keep their natural flavor and pure essence intact. They also produce a rich aroma that is characteristic of the region.

✓MORE THAN JUST A COFFEE: We do more than just coffee. With our Brazilian beans, we aim to give you a whole new way to experience your morning cup.

Our medium roasted Brazil cerrado is exquisitely delicious and exceptionally smooth, this medium-roast coffee offers a deep, nutty flavor with hints of almond and cocoa. 

A whole beans coffee medium roast from a region in the state of Minas Gerais, the largest coffee-producing state in Brazil. Coffee has been a major crop in this region since the 1980’s mainly because of the devastating black frost of 1975 that forced growers from the Parana region to relocate north to Cerrado and other areas of Minas Gerais. Today, coffee is produced by over 4,500 growers on 175,000 hectares of farmland with yields of approximately 5.5 to 6.0 million bags per year. The coffee is grown in rich soil that the natives call “Terra Roxa” or “Red Earth” and other factors such as consistent rains, high daytime temperatures, and dry winters combine to make the Cerrado region ideal for producing coffee.

A great choice for espresso and medium bodied coffees alike, this coffee starts full-bodied and flavorful with the perfect balance of almond and cocoa notes. Made using the whole bean method and chemical-free, this coffee is great any time of day.

Brazil Cerrado is a distinctive coffee that combines the smooth, balanced flavor of freshly roasted dark beans and a unique intense, rich chocolate aroma.

Cerrado is an unusual coffee that truly stands out in a crowd. One cup and you'll be hooked. 

From the first sip to the last crumb, Brazil Cerrado Coffee is perfectly roasted to release a delicate balance of bold flavor, subtle sweetness and a creamy texture. You can taste it in every cup.