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Split Oak Coffee Roasters

3 Pack Uganda Roasted Artisan Coffee Beans Organic 12oz, Espresso Arabica, Vanilla Flavor, Whole Beans, Hand Roasted, Sustainable, Complex

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Organic Uganda Roasted Coffee Beans 12oz. A rare gem among specialty coffees! Tasting notes: Baker's chocolate, vanilla and syrup. Very low acidity Location: Sipi Falls area of Mount Elgon, on an extinct shield volcano that lies on the border of Uganda and Kenya. The Sipi Falls area is particularly famous for locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee. Bugisu Arabica only grows at an altitude of between 1,600 and 1,900 metres. Drying: Sun-dried on raised beds. A natural, simple, intuitive and affordable process to choose the best beans, it requires no water, no artificial energy sources and generates almost no waste. Highlights: Certified Organic, Rainforest Alliance (RFA) approved, and UTZ certified. Fully Washed, shade grown, and hand picked. This Arabica Coffee is grown in north Uganda near Sipi Falls. The Uganda Whole Beans from Split Oak Coffee Roasters is distinguished by its clean flavor and distinctive aroma. Some of the best coffees in the world grows on Uganda's Mt. Elgon. A good brewed cup of Split Oak Uganda Coffee exibits the desirably winey acidity of a fine coffee.

☕️😍 COFFEE PASSION: A fantastic coffee, ROASTED IN USA with love, for true coffee lovers

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