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Split Oak Coffee Roasters

3 Pack Organic Guatemala Huehuetenango Whole Coffee Beans 12oz, Fair Trade, Medium Roast, Single Origin, Shade Grown, Fresh Roasted, Arabica

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Guatemala Whole Beans Medium Roasted Coffee Split Oak Coffee Tasting Notes: A full-body taste of Dark chocolate with notes of Caramel and Creamy. Location: Huehuetenango, Guatemala Altitude: 1,650 meters Highlights: Located a region surrounded by the Cuchumantanes mountains and the Maxbal Forest Reserve. These local farmers promote sustainable agriculture by training its workers in organic production methods, investment in infrastructure, and operating their own warehouses and drying patios. Drying: Sun-dried on raised beds. A natural, simple, intuitive and affordable process to choose the best beans, it requires no water, no artificial energy sources and generates almost no waste. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed. If you're not satisfied with our coffee we'll give your money back, no questions asked. Start every morning with the Split Oak Organic Guatemala Coffee, an Aromatic Flavor Made with 100% Arabica beans from a special reserve in Guatemala rewarded with increased flavor of the longer ripening times and nutrient rich soils, and the surrounding ecosystem benefits by using the trees as a home and natural corridor between plots of natural habitat.