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Split Oak Coffee Roasters

3 Pack Organic Decaf Coffee Medium Roasted Peru Coffee Whole Beans 12oz. Sweet Espresso Crema, Almond Flavored. Fair Trade

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The Delicious Organic Decaf Coffee Water Process Chemical-Free Medium Roasted Peru Coffee Whole Beans 12oz by SPLIT OAK COFFEE ROASTERS is packed with great flavors. 99.9% caffeine removed in the chemical free water process. We use the Swiss Water Process that relies on caffeine solubility (dissolvability) and osmosis to remove caffeine from green coffee beans. To begin the decaffeination process, green coffee beans are soaked in hot water to dissolve the caffeine. However, caffeine isn’t the only water-soluble substance present in coffee. Sugars and other chemical components that create the flavor and aromas of coffee we love can also dissolve in water. Tasting notes: Chocolate, Almond, Sweet Cream. Location: Peru Drying: Sun-dried on raised beds. A natural, simple, intuitive and affordable process to choose the best beans, it requires no water, no artificial energy sources and generates almost no waste. Altitude: 1,200-1,900 meters Certifications: organic, fair trade, swiss water process.

☕️😍 COFFEE PASSION: A fantastic coffee, ROASTED IN USA with love, for true coffee lovers

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